Frequently Asked Questions

$0.02 for Perect Money

$0.02 for Payeer

Note : Minimum Payout differs to different Membership Types.

Perfect Money & Payeer.

Any new payment processor added in future will be notified.

Your payment will be refunded if you don't use Correct Payment ID therefore you have to wait again for your minimum days for payment again.

Ofcourse, Payment Limitations are set to different memberships. Users' cannot request more than that for once.

Standard Users : $0.05 at once

Silver Users : $0.10 at once

Silver Plus : $0.25 at once

Golden 130% : $2 at once

There is a small fees associated with respective payment processors.

Users who click Cheat Ad will get suspended immediately. If you have clicked accidentaly then you need to send support ticket request with your username.

Note : Suspended Accounts will get there balance reset to Zero.